August 2009

Strut your stuff

When last did you have a good brag?
Were you also taught that bragging is unbecoming, that nobody likes a show off?
I say brag, brag, brag.
Bragging is a turbo version of keeping a gratitude diary. Many self-development and life coaches encourage people to keep a gratitude diary, because it forces you to focus on what you already like about your life and thus create more of that. Bragging is a far more powerful tool for increasing the good in your life.

Upgrade to Goddess Status

To make it, in what is truly a man’s world, women have had to embody many masculine characteristics. As a result, many modern women have a stronger relationship with their masculinity than their femininity. As women, this is akin to going through life with one hand tied behind your back.

Why be a second-rate man when you can be a goddess?