“The reasonable woman adapts herself to the world;

the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to herself.

Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable woman.”

 – George Bernard Shaw, remixed

Three unreasonable women have collaborated to bring about



Things have been askew for too long sistars. Consistent and concerted brainwashing has left exquisite, beautiful, intelligent, capable, successful, funny, sexy, sistars forlorn, pessimistic and yes, even desperate.

“Will I ever get a man?”

“Did I miss the boat?”

“Am I good enough?”

“What is wrong with me?”

Such fears stem from one, FALSE AND DISEMPOWERING BELIEF, that in relationships men are the choosers.

So we wait to be picked, fight amongst ourselves seeing fellow sistars as competition, fret that there is a limited pool of “good” men and most of them are taken, wonder if we are good enough, and settle for way less than what turns us on because we fear we can’t do better.

It’s time to set things right.



We know it’s hard for you, but believe it baby.

We have put together a half-day workplayshop that will have you firmly back in the dating driver’s seat as nature intended.

  • If you lack the knowledge, skills and wiles of your fabulous foremothers this playshop is for you. How do you think Eve got Adam to bite that fruit? She was the boss!
  • If you see other women as competition, in a hierarchy of wifeys, main chicks, side chicks and booty calls all vying for the attention of men, this playshop is for you.
  • If you can’t remember the last time you got laid, this playshop is for you.
  • If you’ve talked yourself into settling for a frog because you think all the princes are taken, this playshop is for you.
  • Or if you simply want to wield your feminine power with skill.

Kagiso Msimango, the founder of The Goddess Academy and author of the bestseller The Goddess Bootcamp will:

394878_397616596991551_290800529_n–       bust some myths that have us believing that men call the shots, and

–       reveal some secrets to re-instate you to your rightful throne as chooser,

ensuring that you leave your “pick me” days behind, in her talk “I have the PUSSY, I make the RULES”.

If you’ve read her book, or listened to her on radio you KNOW she breaks it down.

Mandisa O. Mahlobo (MOM), the nationally recognised seduction expert and resident relationship coach on SABC 1’s Mzansi Insider, affectionately known as MOM, will:


–       teach you the art of charm. Charm is the way to get the answer YES! Without having asked any clear question.

–       Teach you how to be a super flirt. The art of flirting can get you any man you want.

Through her talk “ Seduction is the power of persuasion” This is the kind of stuff your MOM should’ve and would’ve taught you if she’d known it herself. Perhaps you can then liberate her!

Miss Oh the sultry, shimmy-shaking, burlesque performer known for combining dance, performance art, comedy, characters, exquisite costumes, stories and of course, Burlesque- the art of tease- will teach you an easy and fun burlesque routine that will:

551159_10150985315614053_1189797906_n–       Help you connect with your body and feminine sensual energy

–       Probably the most fun you’ve had with your clothed body in a long time

–       Boost your body confidence

–       Connect with your inner Lover Goddess – Aphrodite, Venus, Oshun, Freyja, Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, Queen of Sheba-and show you how to use a feather boa and a pair of gloves as weapons of mass seduction

Only 20 spaces available so book now!

When: 29th March

Where: Vertical Vixen Dance Studio, Northriding, Johannesburg

How Much: R500

To book and for queries contact Kagiso@thegoddessacademy.co.za

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Miss Oh

Mandisa O. Mahlobo

Kagiso Msimango

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  1. What a wonderful and necessary workshop! I am in Manhattan and I have a group of women who await for you to bring your playshop to New York! 🙂
    Warnest Regards,

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