A few words

About Me

Re-member Yourself

The work I do is exceptionally personal.

It involves things people hold dear to their hearts, both good (such as the dreams they wish to attain) and bad (the wounds they wish to protect), so you should probably get to know me a little as well.

For most parts of two decades I had dual careers as a Transformation Coach and as a Marketing and Brand Strategist, in the media industry. These two career paths seem to have finally converged. I now focus most of my time on personal coaching and healing, but occasionally offer my branding and marketing expertise to clients seeking to birth or grow heart-centred businesses.

Occasionally a lot of my time is consumed, for months on end by writing books. I have written 3 books: the best-selling The Goddess Bootcamp (2012), The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp (2016) and Unfuck Yourself, Unfuck the World (2020).

I love to write, read, teach, hike, drum, soak up the sun, take long bubble baths until my toes are wrinkly, and increasingly watch cat videos on the internet.

My heart lights up and my soul sings when I support and witness people blossom, bloom and unfurl into truer, healthier, happier versions of themselves.