Catching Feelings


“Catching Feelings” I do love this phrase. I know that as it is used it primarily has a negative tone. Feelings are seemingly something nobody wants to catch. It’s ironic because all we do is in the name of attempting to feel a certain way or avoid feeling a particular way.

We are encouraged to focus on doing and getting – work, grind, hustle, win. Get that job, that six pack, the million. Don’t waste your time catching feelings. When in fact people never want a thing, what we want is an emotional state. We identify a thing which we believe will deliver that emotional state and behave as if the thing is what we want, when in fact we never want things, what we always want is to feel a particular way.

Someone will say; “I want to get married.” Deep down this person does not want marriage, they want to feel a certain way, e.g. loved, secure, a sense of belonging, etc. If they didn’t believe that marriage would deliver that feeling they wouldn’t bother with the marriage. 

Do you want to be a millionaire or do you want to feel important and you think money will do that for you? Maybe you want the sense of freedom that you believe having a lot of money will bring, or even a sense of security because you no longer have to worry about losing your house or car.

We are ALWAYS chasing an emotional state. Day after day, we wake up hoping to catch feelings.

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  1. So TRUE. Similar to your article on “fear” the passion killer, dated Sept 2013. I focus a achieving certain milestones, while the driving force is fear, which most of the time never materialises, or if it does, aint as detrimental as I had envisaged.

  2. I’ve read this post before, but felt this strong need to read it again this morning, it really is a powerful realisation. Because if i can identify what feeling im hoping to catch then I’ll stop wasting time on things that only fulfil that need temporarily while leaving adverse effects at the same time because most of the time what we search for outside ourselves are thinigs we already possess. Atleast thats what i hope is true. Anyway thanks for sharing your beautiful mind so eloquently, everytime. Oh how i do love you.

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