Decoding Women

For woman’s month, this is what I am doing for women (and the men who love them). Generally, men don’t get women. It’s okay because women don’t get men either. Mainly because we really, really, really want to believe that men are complicated. But I digress. Most of you guys aren’t very motivated to understand …

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The Hard Work

Imagine making love while wearing a full body latex suit. It would be challenging, yes? Thanks to social media, I get to  communicate with lots of people who are reading my latest book, The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp: Awesome Relationships are an Inside Job. Many are complaints that the exercises early on in the book are too …

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Goal Setting and Manifestation Playshop

Event: A practical playshop – we’ll be working with your actual goals – where you will learn:
All the elements you need to consider to set goals for maximum success,
The feminine side of goal manifestation, the “invisible”, but crucial steps between setting the goal and implementing it, that people often neglect at their peril.

The knowledge, skill, tool & tips acquired from this playshop will exponentially increase you chances of realising any goal you set.