Dineo’s pleasures, passion and purpose

borrowed from her Facebook profile


  • My daughter Kea’s smile and the fact that she loves me unconditionally makes my heart smile and gives me the ultimate pleasure. I look forward to seeing her after a long day at work where I have to deal with different characters and personalities.
  • I love spending time with my family: My Brothers, their wives, my nieces and nephews and of course Kea – this could be over lunch or at church just because they ‘GET’ me and they are the best family in the whole world.
  • Achieving my goals – As a publicist, I deal with journalists on a daily basis and maintaining relationships and creating new contacts, fulfils me.
  • Laughing – A good comedy can give me the ultimate pleasure. I always find that if I make fun out of an issue I’m dealing with, I will feel so much better.
  • Hearing I love you from someone I love.

I AM PASSIONATE about music. There’s music for every emotion. Music is uplifting; it evokes all kinds of emotions from me.  Judith got it right that it can make you cry, smile, and ultimately dance.

MY LIFE PURPOSE is knowing that there is a God and he loves me regardless of my sins. He sent His son to die for me, I’d like to bring up my child to know this wonderful God and also to become an outstanding citizen of the world.

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