Do you still beat your wife?

Yesterday, after coming across a shockingly misogynistic Durex ad I started searching the net for other sexist ads. There are plenty of Vintage Ads that will make you feel VERY grateful for the feminist movement.

Such as this one advertising a booklet entitled “Why You Should Beat Your Wife”

Apparently, Chase & Sanborn is the Coffee to buy if you want to avoid a beating from your husband.

This last ad is for a brand of trousers called Mr. Leggs. I have no words…

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  1. Now misbehaving women are thrown in jail or sent off to war to be killed, maimed and raped.
    Bad men who abuse women are the cause of the feminist revolution.

  2. excuse me…but there are far far far men degrating adds and cartoons than women ones, chek Warren Farrell to get the REAL story & context, instead of sulking on feminism (read victim role)!


    Good lord! Nobody “gets it”!! We have truly destroyed humor and the art of sexual innuendo in this post-MTV world.

    Look at the guy and the woman in the cartoon. They’re both having fun. In other words, this is a kind of proto-50 Shades of Grey pamphet — get it??? Do I have to spell it out for you, too????

    Jesus. It even says, “Rollicking and provocative”!!! Holy smokes, get your heads out of your asses, children.

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