Find uncomfortable friends

“Why spend time with people at work who play at mediocre? Why have friends in your personal life who resign themselves to being ordinary? We really do become who we drink coffee with. We really will become our associations.

Powerful thought: You will become a lot like the five people you spend most of your time with (hope I didn’t scare you). So my suggestion is that you invite people into your professional and personal life who inspire you. Who will uplift you. Who will make you more extraordinary/authentic/unforgettable (and loving ). Who are viscerally committed to world class. And, most importantly, who see the world through a different set of eyes. They’ll challenge you. They’ll push you. And sometimes maybe they’ll even irritate you (if so, fantastic). This practice will serve you well. So that you grow. And reach. And evolve. So that you will never be the same.”

I didn’t write this. I don’t know who did. A friend got it from a friend, who got it from a friend…  If you know where it’s from please let me know, so I can attribute it.

I agree with the author 100% and would like to add one more thing: spend more time with people who are as you would like to become.

Our natural inclination is to spend most of our time with those who are like us; this is comfortable, but it does not lead to growth.

You are more likely to become rich spending time with affluent people, than with fellow “there is too much month at the end of the money”  friends. If you would like to become fit and healthy, spending time with active people will get you there quicker than talking about it with other couch potatoes.

I was once almost lynched by a group of wives. They are friends and one of the things they have in common is that they complain a lot about their husbands’ constant partying, “with those bitches” instead of them. I suggested that rather than hanging out with each other commiserating over their misfortunes, maybe they should hook up with the ‘bitches’ and they may learn why their husbands prefer their company.

Just a thought

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  1. LOL , I am one of those ‘bitches’ who boyfriends hang out with . I used to try suck up to the girlfriends because I knew theyhated me , when I was doing nothing with the gusy just hanging out , now my dear I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN , feels great . Love this post love it !!!!

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