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A couple of Sundays ago I shared a stage with the accomplished Timothy Maurice Webster. In introducing me, Timothy mentioned that my book The Goddess Bootcamp, which came out in November 2012 is still a bestseller.

That is quite a feat!

I never set out to write a book. Everybody made it sound like such an arduous experience. I really was not interested in all the psychological torture. I love to write, and kept my soul happy writing blogs and articles for magazines like O Magazine and True Love Magazine. Writing a book sounded too painful. I’d heard all the war stories;

You must have a thick skin, a million and one publishers will reject you, they w ill tear your manuscript apart, another half a million won’t even bother to send you a rejection letter.

Eventually, after much perseverance you may find one who believes in you and your book will be born. Or you may give up and explore self-publishing if you have the resources. So you either need a thick skin or money.

The horror does not end there, you must develop some armour around your heart, because once your baby is out there – and a book is like a child – you may find that nobody is interested. You only sell 5 copies, to your mom and your closest friends.

Or it may get noticed but not how you had hoped, and some critic with a venomous pen gives it a scathing review metaphorically dismembering your newborn baby with their pen.

Who wants to subject themselves to all that torment? Certainly not I

Yet here I am, a published author, whose book is about to go into its third print run. This is apparently quiet a feat for a first time, author who is not a well-known personality.

Here is the best part; IT WAS EASY.

I actually got a call from a publisher, Melinda Ferguson, who asked me to write a book. I was not interested in writing on the subject she was proposing, but most of you know that I am very passionate about sharing uncommon knowledge and empowering tools, especially with women – hence my Goddess Academy work – so I sold her on writing on that subject instead. I wrote The Goddess Bootcamp , and as they say in the classics, the rest is history.

It was easy.

It was successful.

Fast-forward to late 2014, I have just been having a ball on Power FM doing my feature The Goddess Playshop, which I absolutely LOVE because I get to share uncommon knowledge and empowering tools. I get a call, this time from a TV producer. They are working on a TV show and want to ask my advice on the very topic they’d heard me talk about so enthusiastically on the radio. I am always happy to engage with people who want to discuss things I am passionate about. I go there to share some knowledge, a few weeks later I am shooting a TV show for SABC 1 called Mokapelo. A couple of months later the show is in the Top 30 highest rated shows in the country.

From what I hear getting on TV is hard.

From what I hear getting your show noticed by over 2 million people on TV is even harder.

For me?

It was easy.

It was successful.

I did not go looking for either opportunity, but I did attract them to me.


Both opportunities came to me while I was following my bliss. This makes you very attractive and successful, as Joseph Campbell observed.

In the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra shares The Law of Least Effort which teaches that it is in the nature of all beings to accomplish with ease and effortlessness.

It is easy and effortless for your body to keep your heart pumping, blood circulating and hair growing. A flower blossoms effortlessly. The sun shines with ease. There is no “grinding”, “missioning” or “hustling” when a fish swims or a star twinkles. This is how life unfolds during the times and/or in the areas of your life where you are in FLOW.

The best part is that its actually simple to find your flow. I have developed a 3 week eCourse to guide you on how to get into your flow, so you can succeed more doing less.

You can purchase the eCourse here or drop me an email if you’d like further information.

Remember, everything you want, wants you too.

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  1. Hi there,I need an eCourse guide and I am still looking for your book the Goodess Boothcamp the area I live at I have never found it.

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