Goal Setting and Manifestation Playshop

It’s that time of the year again. We are eager to effect change in our lives.

Right about now the gym bunnies self-righteously complain about the influx of people who invade the gyms in January, energized by visions of their new fit and healthy bodies, only to peter off by Valentine’s day.


In the metaphorical gym of life, which group do you belong to, the gym bunnies who manage to see their goals through, or the “resolvers” who fade away when the going gets tough?

If you are a member of the latter group, I bet you have optimistically set the same goals over and over again and embarked on new goals irrespective of your low hit rate, because you believed that this time it would be different. The bad news is that optimism is not enough. If nothing changes, nothing changes. You cannot do the same things over, and over again and expect different results. The goods news is that this Goal Setting and Manifestation playshop is designed to show you what to change and how, in order to increase your goal manifestation success rate.

 If you are tired of goals that seldom or never come to fruition, this workshop is for you.


 Why is it so hard for you to achieve your goals?

  • Is it because you just don’t have enough will power?
  • Do you lack a particular resource required to succeed; time, money, a mentor?
  • Do circumstances arise that cripple your plans?

I could go on, because I have pretty much heard them all, but there is one reason people seldom consider; YOU MAY BE SETTING THE “WRONG” GOALS OR SETTING YOUR GOALS INCORRECTLY. The “right” goal is one that is crafted for maximum success. Many people craft their goals in way that basically makes them dead on arrival.

 Some of the things you will learn about goal setting for maximum success, in this one-day workshop are:

  • How to set the right goals
  • How to set goals right
  • The importance of emotions on goal setting
  • How the language you use to phrase your goals affects them
  • How your values impact your chances of realizing your goals.



 This is a two-part workshop. In the first part you will learn how to set goals for maximum success. In the second part you will learn the steps you need to take before you go into action.

Like most people you probably thought you just set a goal and jump straight into implementing it. However, there are several invisible steps that, if taken, greatly increase the likelihood that you will realise your goals. We live is an extremely patriarchal society where most things masculine are seen as superior to their feminine counterparts. This is unfortunate, as all healthy systems require a healthy balance and participation between masculine and feminine. Day is no better than night. Dry is no better than wet. Both are necessary. Right is not better than left. Active is not better than passive, despite what you have been taught.

 When it comes to the manifestation of our goals, most of us do not know that this too has a feminine and a masculine side. We know a LOT about the masculine DOING part, and very little about the feminine part of goal manifestation.

Come learn the feminine side of goal manifestation:

  • How to identify internal and external barriers to your goals and neutralize them.
  • Why it is crucial to be able to visualize your goals before you can achieve them, as well as various visualization tools you can employ
  • How to work in accordance with universal laws in pursuing your goals
  • The difference between a strategy and a plan, and where both fit in your goal manifestation.

I bet previously you’d just set a goal and go for it.

How did that work out for you?

This knowledge and accompanying practical tools will exponentially increase your ability to realise any goal you have.

 Date: Sunday 1st February

Time: 9am – 5pm

Investment: R750

Venue: Carlswald, Midrand, Gauteng

Spaces are limited, so I can give everyone individual attention. Book your place here, now.

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