Goddess Bootcamps: Whip your life into shape, from OK to WOW!

Okay is a four-letter word. YOU are meant for more

You asked for bootcamps, now they are HERE!!!!


The time has come to live a life you are passionate about.

“Passion is taking a bite out of the fruit of life, having the juices run down your face and having everybody lick their lips”

– Chuck Spezanno

 I absolutely LOVE my life, and I want to empower, inspire and support you to be just as besotted with yours.

If you agree that you deserve a fabulously, juicy, life of WOWness, dripping with pleasure, fueled by passion, lived on purpose…then bootcamp is for you. Sign up at Kagiso@thegoddessacademy.co.za

About the bootcamps

  • This is essentially group coaching so participants are limited to max 16, to ensure you receive the attention you deserve.
  • Each bootcamp is 3.5 hours long. This time covers 2 sessions from the book – The Goddess Bootcamp. One before and one after we feast. Yes, there is feasting.  Pleasure, remember? And other womanly secrets designed to turbo charge your feminine power.
  • Bootcamps will take place in three areas for the moment:
    • Johannesburg, Parktown North, every 3rd Wednesday evening of the month 18:00 – 21:30 starting Wednesday 20th February
    • Johannesburg, Sandton, every 4th Saturday of the month 9:30 – 13:00, starting Saturday 23rd February
    • Pretoria, venue TBC, every 4th Sunday of the month, starting Sunday 24th February
    • To sign-up send me an email to Kagiso@thegoddessacademy.co.za for more information.
  • Do you need the book to participate? Yes. If you don’t have one yet they will be available at the bootcamps.

“You cannot just sit and read this book, you need to get up and DO this book”

– Claire Mawisa

 “Don’t expect to just sit back and read, but be prepared to actively do the Bootcamp”

– Liezel van der Westhiuzen

 “The Goddess Bootcamp is not just a read, it’s a call to action”

– Anele Mdoda


Let’s go! #TeamFabLife

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  1. Looking forward to it. As a Woman Empowerment Coach, I think this will also assist me in my own personal journey. I believe that the more I am available to myself, the more I can make a difference in my world.

    Thanks for this!

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