How Often Must You Bite Your Man?

A friend shared a tragicomical story about a woman who hit and bit her boyfriend, out of sheer frustration – she couldn’t get a commitment out of him.


Ours is a patriarchal society. For millennia now, this has been a man’s world. To survive and thrive many women have had to adapt. Fortunately for us feminine energy, unlike its masculine counterpart, is changeable and mutable. Feminine energy is like a bamboo reed that can sway and bend with the wind, while masculine energy is more like an oak tree – fixed, strong, solid, unyielding. If the oak is stronger than the wind it will not budge, but if the gust is stronger than the oak, the tree will break. The flexibility of feminine energy makes women far more adaptable than men. And so, we took the adage “if you can’t beat them join them” to heart and anything a man can do, we can now also do;


in  stilettos,

while driving,

and applying mascara.

Alas this ability has proven to be both a blessing and a curse.

magnetWe seem to have built our masculine muscle at the expense of our feminine power. Masculinity is active and assertive. It is through externally directed action that things are achieved in a masculine manner. Feminine power on the other hand is attractive. It does not go out and club things on the head then drag them to the cave, instead it draws them in, towards it.

When you know how to employ your feminine power you never need to dominate anyone with brute force – whether you are using your fist, teeth (like our unfortunate friend the biter), sharp or “persuasive” words (the majority’s favoured modus operandi), will or wits. A woman connected to her feminine power is an attractive woman. And by attractive I do not mean easy on the eye, I mean she possess the ability to draw or pull in, like a magnet.

You can channel your feminine power to attract anything  – a partner*, commitment from a partner*, job, holiday, the perfect house, an opportunity…anything.

Our brawny society has conditioned us to frown upon this feminine power of  attraction. If you didn’t overtly go out and sweat to acquire something, you are viewed as lesser than. Earning and saving for two years to buy a car, in our society, is better than having the car given to you. You must work for things!

Except that the feminine way is also work. It’s just not visible work.

When you take a magnet and place it on a surface full of nails, the nails will be drawn to the magnet. They will move from where they were towards the magnet. The motion (activity) appears to come from the nails, but it is the magnet that does the pulling. If the magnet lost its attractive power the nails would remain motionless.

You can go and visibly “work” for the car, house, holiday, or marriage proposal if you must – whether you pushed or pulled that car to you is immaterial really as long as ultimately you got it. One way is no better than the other.

Except in the case of romantic relationships.

American Masters: Marilyn Monroe

In the realm of Eros the push strategy isn’t the best. In this case masculine energy (the nail) tends to respond much better to feminine energy (the magnet) than to more masculine energy (like a hammer), which is what many women use to try and get motion out of men. We haven’t been taught better. We, like the men, are products of thousands of years of patriarchy.

Josephine Baker
Josephine Baker

Yet, we all know women who have an abundance of feminine attractor factor. Marilyn Monroe was one, so was Josephine Baker and Cleopatra. Angelina Jolie appears to be one. If she says “jump” to any man, his response is likely to be closer to “from which building?” than “after the game, babe.” And no, it’s not because of how she looks. We all know that beauty has never guaranteed anyone success in relationships. If beauty was how you got a man to do anything reality would look completely different.

Elizabeth Taylor managed to get 7 men to marry her, one of them twice, while our unfortunate friend tries to incentivise the object of her affections with a bite. According to the Hebrew Bible, King Solomon offered to give the Queen of Sheba everything she asked for. She actually didn’t want for much, as she was extremely wealthy in her own right, but he really wanted to please her.

Yet here we have women who can’t get maintenance out of their wealthy baby daddies. They must fight, threaten, intimidate and dominate. Let’s not forget our poor friend the biter. This case may be extreme, but many of us have too often resorted to metaphoric biting to make men do something they didn’t want to do. We motivate them with pain. We nag, sulk, withhold sex, argue; until they relent, just to make the pain stop.

We have forgotten how to make men WANT to give us what we want. The feminine way is the way of the snake charmer. You not only get it (whatever it may be) to come to you, you make it WANT to come to you.


It is never too late to activate your feminine attractor factor. There are very simple techniques and practices you can employ to become an attractive woman.

If you are interested in learning how to switch your feminine magnetism on, drop me an email below.

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*even when using your feminine mojo, you cannot override someone’s free will. It is best to focus your energies on attracting a suitable partner as opposed to a specific person.

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