How to dramatically improve the chances of fulfilling your desires

It’s end of June. We are halfway through the year. How are you doing with the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? Did you give up on them after the whole 2000 and Mine/Yes We Can magic wore off?

Well, there is a way to dramatically improve the chances of attaining your goals. This approach opens up various ways of attaining your desires and allows you to effectively employ the Law of Attraction (LOA) to achieve your desires.

Look beyond what you want, to why you want it. YOUR MOTIVATION IS YOUR TRUE GOAL.

by FadderUri from flickr
by FadderUri from flickr

For example, many people would love to become millionaires. In fact chances are if you asked any group of people if they wanted millions of rands you will receive a unanimous yes, but if you probed deeper regarding why they want the cash they will have a varied range of reasons. I doubt that any of them will want it simply to have a bank balance with a chain of zeroes. Some will want a million so they can leave their job and/or marriage, meaning what they actually want is freedom. Others may want the million so they can stop worrying about their bills, retirement or children’s education – they actually to feel secure. Yet others may want to become millionaires because they reckon people will take them seriously if they had a lot of money, what they actually want is to feel powerful. None of them really want a million rands; they all want a particular emotional state – to feel free, safe, respected, etc.

If you examine the motivation behind your desire, it is always an emotional state. Becoming a millionaire may be one way to feel freer, but probably not the most easily attainable way, and certainly not the only way. When you realise that what you actually want is freedom (an emotional state) not money (a thing) you get an opportunity to explore various ways to attain that emotional state.

The second reason to focus on the motivation/emotion is that you can make use of the LOA to help you manifest your desire. The LOA states that energy attracts like energy. Your energy is determined by your thoughts, through your emotions. So, say you desire a lots of money because you covet the freedom it will bring you, if you find other ways to feel free, it will reflect in your energy, and your energy of freedom will attract other things that you associate with freedom, such as a lot of money.

It’s a very interesting paradox. As soon as you don’t need the money or relationship or better job – because you found another way to create the feeling – you dramatically increase your chances of attracting it, with ease. As Mahatma Gandhi said “You cannot have what you want, you can only have what you are” That is precisely how the Law of Attraction works.

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