I Have a Confession to Make

I love Paris Hilton!

No, what I love is how Paris Hilton seems to love Paris Hilton.  An interesting thing about people who love themselves is that they tend to have lives they love as well. So, which came first? Many sages, of olden and modern times, will tell you that self-love is the secret to lasting happiness.

In no time winter’s low temperatures will be a distant memory, and we will be out and about cavorting in the fresh new days of spring. With the arrival of warmer weather there is increased activity outside the confines of our homes; consequently we focus more on others and less on ourselves. I would like to suggest that you use these remaining days of socks and heaters to take care of you. Focus on yourself, get to know and preferably fall in love with yourself. Hence the Goddess Academy has dedicated this edition to Self-Love.

As the song goes – Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. This same song has another line I sadly disagree with, which goes – The greatest love of all, Is easy to achieve. NOT, especially for us women. In this society we are brought up as, and rewarded for being, caregivers in our roles as spouses, parents, children, siblings or friends and traditionally ‘female’ professions which primarily focus on tending to others, e.g. nursing, teaching, counselling, etc.

Society explicitly expects us to care for others, and implicitly frowns upon us when we putting our own needs first and caring for ourselves. Our internal radar is muddled up and cannot tell the difference between being self-loving and selfish.

Thankfully every so often a woman comes along who takes to self-love like a duck to water Maya Angelou, our Divine Diva of the month is one such woman. Goddess Venus will be our cosmic cheerleader on this quest for self adoration. There

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