I Love Them Girlz

May the 5th, was The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp launch in the very high brow Hyde Park Corner. I’d only found the right dress the previous day, I was planning on shopping for accessories on the day, but I had booked and paid for the make-up artist weeks before. The order of my priorities may seem odd, but I have children, and if there is one thing kids do with great efficiency, it is to separate you with your cash. Gone are the days when I could spend thousands on a single dress or a flimsy pair of sandals. My post-kids strategy is to buy a nice but affordable clothes, and make sure my make-up and nails deliver the goddess vibe.

The #slay is in the detail.

First thing on my agenda on book launch day was an interview on the Metro FM breakfast show. I was looking forward to it. I hadn’t seen Glen in years. It was worth the drive to Auckland Park, which may as well be in another province when you live in Fourways. I had a blast, and Melanie Bala asked the kinds of questions that set me up to give great answers. When you are being interviewed the quality of the questions you are asked has everything to do with how well you come across. She also augmented the plug I got on radio by tweeting about the book on the launch. Thank you, Mel.

I had two more radio interviews before I could head home – the first was  a really fun an in-depth 40 minutes on SAFM with Ms. Shado Twala. She’s read the book! It is exciting and heartening when you are interviewed by someone who has engaged with your work. They get to ask you interesting questions as opposed to the stock standard ones. Finally I went off to Power FM where Zamantungwa Khumalo, the executive producer, had arranged for me to get 30 minutes of fun times talking about the book on the lunch show, which is where I used to have my Goddess Playshop feature, first with Azania Mosaka, then Thabiso Sikwane, and finally Aphelele Somi. So far it was proving to be an awesome day.

Then it all went pear-shaped 🙁

I got home, in time for a quick shower before the make-up artist tasked with bringing my inner goddess to the fore arrived. I showered. No make-up artist. I called her. Phone off. I waited. No make-up artist. I called her again, phone still off. The launch was less than 3 hours away, and I still had to factor in after work traffic to get to Hyde Park. I panicked and called Nonhlanhla Msimango, that is usually my first response when I panic – CALL NHLANHLA. She tried to get me another make-up artist to no avail. I remembered that I had an artist friend who lived nearby who surely must have numerous occasions that require having her face professionally painted. I called Rami Chuene, she didn’t know any make-up astirts who could help but she offered to do my make-up herself. Bless you, Rami. Alas,  I don’t even own foundation. Then Nonhlanhla reminded me that I have a friend who has the master key to this mysterious (at least to me) world of beauty and cosmetics having worked with some of the world’s renowned brands such as Estee Lauder, Tom Ford & AERIN enter Lulu Mthimkulu of LuluM Communications Consultancy. Lulu quickly and calmly hooked me up with Treasure Gumede. Treasure is an Estee Lauder Account Executive who taught me what little I know about applying make-up, half a decade ago. (I am clearly due for a refresher course) Between them, Treasure and Lulu, had me driving to the Estee Lauder counter at Edgars to get my face put on. The make-up artist, a little wisp called Andiswa was calm and collected, she told me to calm the down “it’s your party, it won’t start without you” so I gathered myself towards myself and allowed her to do her worked unpressured, which had me being fashionably late, but I was glad that I let Andiswa do her thing because I arrived to a magickal looking setting at Hyde Park Corner, thanks to the ladies from Zebra Square who put together the launch.

With the crew from Zebra Square, Melinda Ferguson my publisher (on my right), Lerato Tshabalala and her heavenly shoes (far right).

Loads of my fellow goddesses came out in support and bought my books (both the new one and my first The Goddess Bootcamp) in droves.

Look at that turn out! Thanks to everyone who came through. Lerato Tshabalala did an amazing job supporting me in showcasing the content in The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp.

I signed autographs until my hand ached. When I finally looked up, they were still some family and friends hanging about so we had a bit of silly fun, and of course took the obligatory group selfies.

We harassed a poor waiter who wanted to go home to take this picture.

When I was finally ready to head home I realised that despite the amazing spread laid out at the launch, ChtIO8wWsAAw7Fo-2I hadn’t eaten a single thing. I looked across to JB Rivers and some of the ladies who had been at the launch were still sitting at a table chatting with doggy bags on their table. I went up to them, took advantage of my “star of the day” status and asked for food. One of the ladies volunteered her Prego roll which I wolfed down on my way home.

I say in The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp:

“I love men. I need men. I also love and need women. I would hate to have to choose between the two. When I need to vent, I call a girlfriend. When I am not sure how I am feeling, but I need the space to feel it, I seek the company of women. When life demands I clone myself, as it usually does, I know I can find a stand-in among my tribe of sisters. I love walking into a room and noticing that this sister has gorgeous glowing skin, this one is wearing a killer pair of shoes, I haven’t chatted to this one in ages, we need to catch up, and I’ve been wanting to collaborate on a cool project with that one over there. I don’t have time to be scanning the room for competition. Women are my strength. They are not the enemy. I am unwilling to give up the sisterhood due to a tug-of-war over men. It saddens and frustrates me how women have become so disempowered in relationships that we see other women as rivals.

So, I insisted on adding a book into the fray, which will reveal to you how to use your mojo to conjure whatever love life you desire. You will never again need to pit yourself against another woman in competition for a man’s affection or attention.

My mom, aunty Jojo who takes care of my kids, and Lilo attached to my boob. (Yes, I was breastfeeding in Hyde Park Corner)

Thank you to all the women who made the 5th of May a magical day for me. It’s a very long list, but I hope I have expressed my gratitude sufficiently in person to most of you.

I love that I don’t have to make an enemy out of women for men, or men because of women, thanks to my MOJO 🙂



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