iamgoddess gathering: EMBRACING YOUR SEXUALITY

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GUNNERY SERGEANT HARTMAN: ‘Get your fat ass up there! I’ll bet if there was some pussy up there you would get up there wouldn’t you?’
PRIVATE PYLE: “Sir, yes sir!”
From the movie, Full Metal Jacket

Penis envy, puhlees Pussy Envy is more like it; a great source of pleasure and power.

Most of us have no sense of how to use our sexuality to unlock pleasure and power in our lives (not just sexual), which is why I have organised this particular iamgoddess gathering:

WHEN: Saturday 14th November from 2-5pm
WHERE: Zenatude, Sunninghill

The country’s leading teacher in the fields of sexuality and sensuality will be sharing with us the importance of embracing our sexuality. Jonti is committed to helping people heal, explore, grow and experience in the world of sexuality & sensuality, to understand the possibilities of pleasure, the connection between sex & spirituality, the healing power of sexual energy and the sacredness of our bodies.

Lola Montez is a women’s sensuality store offering lingerie, toys, fantasy outfits, potions & lotions, literature & much more. They are bringing products to show & discuss in a fun yet educational manner. You may want to bring your credit card J

PLUS an opportunity to meet and connect with other goddesses on the path to a divalicious life of Pleasure, Passion & Purpose, all while indulging in the foods of the goddesses – DRINKS & DESSERTS.

R280pp, for all of the above. Seats are limited so book now. Contact me on (m) 082 875 7435 or (e)kagiso@thegoddessacademy.co.za

To read the article that prompted the event please go here

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