I’m HOT but Nobody is Hitting on Me!

I went through that phase. It is exasperating to say the least, and has quite a bit to do with The LIST.


Many single women have a LIST, material or mental, of the qualities that make-up The One. The perfect guy. Mr. Right.

Many single women remain single partly due to their commitment to the LIST. They are unwilling to entertain any man who veers too far from the qualities detailed in the LIST.

Some even get irritated when they get hit on by guys who don’t make the cut. I used to think the universe is being bitchy only sending sub-standard men my way.

Have you also suspected that the universe is actively sabotaging your attempts to get laid? Are you like “WTF, Universe the list clearly states that…

  • he must be older. I like mature men but I only get hit on by college kids and Peter Pans with arrested development.
  • he must be rich, but you only send me construction workers and taxi drivers.
  • he must be sophisticated and well-travelled, that guy from the other day, he didn’t even know what a visa is.

Alas, the more you snub them the lonelier you seem to get and gradually it seems as if no one is hitting on you at all. It’s as if you’ve become invisible to men. All men, even the ones who are too young, too old, too poor, too boring…

This is despite being 100% certain that you are infinitely hotter than half the women you know with vibrant love lives. So what the hell is going on?

You’ve been hit by The Law of Use. Commonly known as the “if you don’t use it, you lose it” Law.

You only move your body from the car to the office, office to house to couch –> muscles turn to flab. You start exercising they are ressurected. The more you exercise the more toned and energetic you become. The Law of Use.

You take a French class, if you never speak French to anyone afterwards -> you forget everything you were taught. You practice every chance you get, you get better and better each day. The Law of Use.

Are you beginning to see the light?

The universe is not bitchy or ignorant. It knows full well what is on your list, but it has Financial Director tendencies. You go to the FD and ask for a budget of R5 million for your project, she gives you two and says depending on how well you use the 2 million she’ll give you more. The law of Use.


When the sweaty construction guy whistles at you with a lame “auuuw, slender by nature not by force”, instead of throwing up in your mouth, find the compliment in his annoying, ignorant statement and accept it graciously with a smile.

When the barely legal Ben 10 asks you on a date, even if you fear that it will be at Mc Donalds, you say yes. You go and you find a way to enjoy yourself. By all means steer him into the firendzone as quickly as possible but accept graciously, and enjoy yourself. This way your R2 million budget, will soon be increased to R5 million. Make use of the men who are already present.

Get it?

Wanna know more about how your ignorance of universal laws may be sabotaging your love life?

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