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Intuitive Transformation Coaching

intuitive Transformation Coaching

My success as a life coach is not only a result of education and experience, but in large part due to my clairsenses.

Although I am a certified life coach, meaning that I received an education, got tested and certified as worthy to guide people through their life challenges, my success as a life coach is not only a result of this sound education and experience but in large part due to my clairsenses.

I am clairaudient; I can access information as audible words in my minds. Yes, basically I hear voices. I am also clairsentient, which allows me to register others’ emotions in my own body. I belive that these clairsenses are the reason why I am successful as a life coach. During sessions, I often receive information in the form of words and emotions that my clients haven’t articulated or may even be unaware of.

It took me a really long time to come out of the closet about this, and add “intuitive” in front of “Life Coach” replacing my certification credentials.

I was afraid that people wouldn’t take me seriously. However, I often tell my clients that you are successful when you have created a life where you can show up and thrive as your true self. This is me practicing what I preach.

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