I haven’t been paying too much attention to the public lynching of DJ Sbu, until this morning when I was shown an article, online, which referred to yesterday’s Sunday World cover story. This particular article reports that S’bu doesn’t own the house he appeared in on Top Billing. The article was accompanies by links to related articles about his energy drink, relationship and driving – all negative. I assume that Sunday World does these stories because they sell papers. If people weren’t eagerly consuming stories of S’bu mishaps and missteps, the paper wouldn’t bother to cover them.

It had me thinking about something a teacher once told be, which upon reflection I saw to be true, at least in my life.It is a tool I have been using ever since. A surefire way to determine how ready you are to bring about what you want, is how you feel towards people who are being, doing or having that which you want to be, do, or have.

For example, if you want to be married, but instead of joy you feel anger, envy and irritation when you see married couples or you hear that someone is engaged, and you rejoice whenever you see someone unhappily married or getting a divorce, you are still not seeing yourself as someone who can be happily married.

If you want to be rich, but rich people rub you up the wrong way, you still do not believe that you are capable of doing what it takes to become rich.

If you want a baby, yet the painful pounding ache of your biological clock overrides the joy of seeing a mommy with her baby, you don’t yet believe that this is possible for you.

If you want to be highly educated and qualified, but when someone tells you about their PhD or MBA you roll your eyes, you don’t truly believe you can have that level of education.

Basically, every time you catch yourself “lynching” someone primarily because they have what you seek, you are not ready to Be, Do or Have it yet.

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    1. Lucia, I was in a workshop this past weekend, where we were asked to write out our mission statement – based on our purpose. Part of mine included the line “to share uncommon knowledge”

  1. Thank you Kagiso for the words of encouragement. Newspapers always have something to say. if its not his so what? Why should it bother other people. They must just leave the man alone its his life.

  2. The reality is, if we become public figures, so does our behavious and lies, in this instance, your beautiful analysis will be overshadowed by this reality. Cant kill a man for his dream but can be advised on footpath.

  3. Hi, I’ve felt so bad for S’bu over this past time. I felt that way because I have, the past 5 months been treated with the same criticism, almost hatred in all my circles. I love this: “A surefire way to determine how ready you are to bring about what you want, is how you feel towards people who are being, doing or having that which you want to be, do, or have.” I love it because I love celebrating people and their successes, and this put into perspective, for me, how ready I am for my own successes.

    Also, somebody once said to me that if I am not greeted with the vile disgust, disapproval and revulsion, (I mean that literally) – then I’m not climbing my ladder of success properly. I, personally never believed in “haters” – until I got hated on by (amongst others) my own sister – my blood (she blocked me off facebook yesterday, by the way) I am devastated – but I cant apologise for finally knowing what I want and going for it. My motto is currently: “I am coming for everything you said I couldn’t have”

    Thanks for this. As for S’bu – keep on keeping on. There are more of us cheering for you, than you know. I respect your hustle, Sir!

  4. Profound words your teacher taught you. There are two things at play here, are people lynching Sbu for what he actually has or for what he purports to have? I love black success, I love the hustler that DJ Sbu is, I just disagree with the idea that it is ok to claim as yours that which isn’t. Hustle, fake it,Mbulelo don’t tell outright lies and expect public sympathy or understanding. I admire Sbu because he’s a simple Kasi boy who made. And I believe many others do. But that admiration suffers when lies are told.

  5. He lied about his achievements and that’s it!!! Trying to justify lies is just plain wrong, that is what is wrong with the world, we try by all means to justify the unjustifiable. What does it teach the youth? That you can go ahead and claim what does not belong to you? I was very happy when I saw his house and cars on Top Billing, but when these allegations came up, I was very disappointed, I should mind my own business yes, but when one decides to lie in the public platform when I am supposed to be inspired, then that’s my business. Don’t appear on my television screen and LIE, PERIOD!!!

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