I’ve Sex On My Mind

Today is World AIDS Day.

I believe that you create your reality (individual and collective) with your beliefs. So I was pondering what is it that we believe as a society that has evolved sex – which is meant to be life giving – into a double-edged sword which gives and takes away life. As I was doing this I was playing around in Facebook, when I read on my timeline that one of my FB friends has just liked a page called  “Like this if you want to see hoes exposed”. This page is hardly a month old, it was formed on the 3rd of November, and it already has over 72 000 likes.

Why do so many people want to see hoes exposed?

In fact, what IS a ho?

I feel the AIDS thing and the ho thing are related, and not in the obvious way…that rampant sex with multiple partners cause disease, but rather our core relationship with sex.

If you too are in the mood to ponder here are two extracts from my book The Goddess Bootcamp on sex and our relationhip with it


From the chapter: Learn To Receive, Graciously

“A legacy of patriarchy is that women have been sold a lie about sex, which we have bought, bagged and now lug around. We’ve been mesmerised into believing sex isn’t really our thing.

Big sexual appetite in woman = nymphomania – a psychological condition. Big sexual appetite in man = virility.

Pursuit for sexual variety in woman = slutty.

Pursuit for sexual variety in man = studly.

What woman wants in sex = relationship.

What man wants in relationship = sex.

We’ve been had, bamboozled! Women, in fact, have greater sexual capacity than men. Men reach their sexual peak in their late teens to early twenties, while women only peak in their late thirties to early forties. We have an organ whose sole purpose is to give pleasure, the clitoris. That is its only job. Let that sink in, Evelicious. Eight thousand sensory nerve endings are there, purely for your sexual pleasure; and they say God is a man! Women are naturally multi-orgasmic; men have to learn to have multiple orgasms. Women’s orgasms are significantly longer than men’s. We score on quality and quantity. Prolactin, a biochemical produced at climax, causes men to feel sleepy after sex, and with age they require increasing recovery time between erections. Women, on the other hand, are energised by good sex. While your lover lies spent after sex, you could effortlessly bound to another one for more sexual acrobatics.

Hang on while I wait for lightening to strike me down.



Our crafty forefathers were effective in brainwashing us into

believing that sex is a guy thing.”

From the chapter: Own Your Sexy

“Your relationship with your sexuality literally affects your life force. The more sexually empowered you are the more intuitive you will be. Intuition allows you to be a primary authority in your own life. It reduces your need to look externally for guidance. With a healthy sexual relationship with yourself, you will have a better relationship with your emotions. You will also be more inclined to have an abundance consciousness (there is enough for everybody) rather than a poverty consciousness, which see resources as limited (there isn’t enough time, money, good men) and the self as limited (I am not good enough, attractive enough, clever enough). Does it make sense to you now why a patriarchal society would prefer and cultivate sexually repressed women, Lily?

For oppression to survive, the oppressors must claim, co-opt, distort or corrupt the sources of power available to the oppressed. That is why those in power have HIStorically been interested in our sex lives. Telling us when to have sex, with whom, how and for what reasons, conditioning us that sex is bad, dirty and wrong, and even getting us to believe that – despite all the other things plaguing the country, continent, planet and universe – what God(dess) is really concerned about is what your pussy gets up to. Sexual power is formidable and feminine sexual power that much more so. It is the root of women’s innate alchemical ability to take anything and transform it into something of greater value. Innately, women can transform any figurative lead into gold. Lily, think about all the men you’ve managed to clean up, turning them from duds to studs. It is our kiss (erotic power) that turns the frog into a prince. We are natural alchemists. Look at how you can take one sperm into your womb and ten moons later produce a fully formed infant. You can do the same with your energetic womb, manifesting all your dreams and heart’s true desires, but first you need to stop cutting yourself off at the waist and reclaim your pussy power.

Your goddess power is connected to your pussy power.”

Maybe if we make peace with sex, sex will make peace with us. Maybe.

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