Learn to Raise your Vibration Using your Emotions

Why is this an important skill to learn?

It is important because your vibration affects the quality of your future. Learning to pay attention to and manage your emotions is one of the greatest skills you could acquire if you choose to be a conscious creator – i.e. creating your future consciously as opposed to it seeming to happen to you.

by purplekey from flickr.comThe following Universal Laws refer directly to this point:

–          Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. One of the highest and most potent forms of energy is thought. Every thought creates a vibration. Our thoughts form energy fields of a certain vibration.

–          Law of Attraction states energy attracts energy of a similar vibration.

Therefore, you create your life with your thoughts by attracting to you things, people and experiences with a vibration similar to the one you have (created with your thoughts).

This fact, that we create our own reality through our thoughts, is now widely accepted. However many people are inclined to dismiss it as a load of BS despite all the scientific evidence (see: Quantum Physics). Personally I think it is because the idea of managing your thought is so overwhelming people choose to dismiss the whole thing, they throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak. I must say I do not blame them; after all we have an average of 42 thoughts per minute! Very few people can monitor that!

Luckily, monitoring and managing your emotions is much easier.

In this call I will share with you various techniques you can use to change your emotions, moving them up the vibrational scale and therefore creating a ‘better’ reality, one vibrating at a higher frequency.


Date:                                       Wednesday 23 June

Time:                                       13:10

Duration:                                 45 minutes

Investment:                             FREE, just your time.

For access details drop me an email.

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