Looking for love and trying to hold on to it

I came across an article by Byron Katie, of The Work .

There is a line in it that completely stopped me in my tracks,  an AHA! moment. It says;  “What I need is what I have”. Think about it, if you really needed something and you didn’t have it soon enough you would cease to exist wouldn’t you? Is need not about survival? It gave me perspective about all the things I think I ‘need’. The stuff I have to have. I already have all I need, that is why I am still here. Although often when we decide we need something it feels like if we won’t have it we will die, but that is hardly ever true.

The article is about the futility of trying to ‘find’ love or attempting to hold on to it once you’ve ‘found’ it. Something that we all think we need. It is longish but well worth the read

You can read it  here

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