Madonna: The Queen of Re-Invention

Love her or hate her, and for the record I am not too crazy about her, Madonna knows how to make change work for her. According to legend, she arrived in New York from Michigan in 1978 in search of fame with only $35 in her pocket. In the next 27 years she managed to metamorphose enough times to teach butterflies how it’s done.

For you and me, Madonna demonstrates that the best way to invite new prosperity and growth into your life is to shed whatever no longer works, to change; that to stay alive you need to let certain parts of you to die. She has ridden the tide of change throughout the 80s, 90s and 00s to become the biggest female superstar of the modern era. She even named her 2004 tour the Re-Invention tour!

Thanks to Madonna, the 80s became a time when huge crosses could be worn with bras as outer wear, following the release of Like A Virgin. In the 90s she managed the release of yet more hits like Vogue and Justify, but also produced books like the graphically erotic coffee table book Sex and the In Bed With Madonna documentary. She was the reigning sex goddess. Now she is a mother, English Rose, devout Kabbalist and author of children’s books!

Reinventing herself in almost clockwork fashion she has managed to stay relevant for 3 decades, while far more talented singers have faded into the big black hole of irrelevant oblivion.

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