Making Self-Love Practical

It’s a struggle to get people to value self-love. Fortunately or unfortunately, sooner or later life will show you the costs of not loving yourself enough. Yet, even after people realise the virtues of self-love , they are often at a loss as to how to do self-love. In this series of podcasts (from The Goddess Playshop on Power FM) I talk Aphelele about actions you can take to feel more loving towards yourself.

This one is on (1) Loving Touch and (2) Appreciative Packaging.


PS: I offer a Goddess Gathering on learning how to love yourself. It’s a 2 hour transformational journey where you will learn to appreciate WHY it is so important to cultivate self-love and also learn at least 10 practical (and fun) ways to be more loving toward yourself.

If you are keen to host a goddess gathering, leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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  1. i think in our life we put others first, thats where start doing wrong with our self.we keep others happy and not ourself. we are very selfish to us.

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