Mick Jagger, beautiful?

Psst, come close. I am about to reveal the beauty secret of successful people. It dazzles and enchants, making even Mick Jagger look beautiful, and no it is NOT money.

Let me start by defining what I mean by successful. I consider a person successful when they lead a life they love. Despite being called human beings we are very big on doing, and are most joyful when we do what we love and love what we do.

For years, I suspected that all Journalists were forced to take a course called Sucking Up 101. I’d often read profiles of renowned people in which they were invariably described as beautiful and attractive.  The thing is, we see images of these people all the time and some are far from good looking, yet their profiles were peppered with adjectives such as bewitching, alluring, handsome, magnetic, captivating and radiant. If you go by these articles all stars are enchanting to behold. When the subject of such physically complimentary adjectives is someone like Mick Jagger or Maya Angelou I could not help but be sceptical, hence the Sucking Up 101 theory. That is, before I discovered that successful people really do have a beauty secret.

I was reminded of this attractor factor a few weeks ago as I watched a friend being interviewed on TV. Thabiso Mufhandu works for a charity organisation called The Lonely Road Foundation which cares for AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children. Her passion as she puts it, is “to mother the motherless”, which makes her job perfect for her. She was invited on to a Talk Show to speak about child headed households. For some reason the show was edited such that the audience got a lot of screen time. I am not complaining because they were fascinating to watch. They looked utterly besotted by Thabiso. They could not take their eyes off her and those eyes were brimming with adoration. People with better looks, oration skills and status have struggled to captivate their audiences as she did. Heck, I was at a the Top TV launch recently, where people chatted throughout Al Gore’s speech and he was almost the president of the United States!

Thabiso’s magnetism was due to the fact that she does what she loves and loves what she does, and you can tell when she talks about it, she seems inspired.

So there you have it. The beauty secret of successful people is success. If you do what you love and you love what you do, you will be attractive in the eyes of your beholders. That is why Mick Jagger can look like a wreck on the cover of Rolling Stone and an Adonis to the person interviewing him about his music. When you are inspired, your inner light bursts forth and the ethereal beauty of your spirit eclipses your physical appearance.

I read that what we call love is actually recognition; that when you look into another’s eyes and the god(dess) within you sees the god(dess) within the other, this recognition creates the sensation we experience as love. That is the attractor factor of the successful; they are inspired – infused with spirit – making them easy on our eyes and hearts.

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