My New Year’s Gift To You – A Magic Pill

I would like to share a very short story, I love. The story  of The Dog on the Nail

 imagesA man walking down the street encountered an old couple sitting on their porch and a dog lying on the porch whining and groaning.

He asked the folks why the dog was acting that way . . .

“Because he’s lying on a nail” they replied.

“Why doesn’t he get up?” the man asked.

With the benefit of wisdom that has come with their age, they replied; “Because it’s not hurting bad enough”

 After 7 years of doing personal development coaching, I have come to the very same conclusion. For the majority of people, the fact that it hurts is not enough, it has to hurt BAD for us to do something – new, different, hard, scary.

“If you want something you’ve never had,

you must be willing to do something you’ve never done”

– Thomas Jefferson

 Many people come to me declaring “I need life coaching”, “I want you to coach me”, “I am sick and tired of this…”, “I want that…” and enthusiastically buy one or more e-courses or coaching sessions.

 As soon as they realise that my input does not come in the form of a magic pill of some sort that you can take once, or even better, administer to someone else to dissolve your challenges or manifest your desires, a good majority just fade away. When I follow up they do not respond to my emails, avoid my calls or come-up with excuses. THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE PAID ME!

 People tend to think that if they want something, this by definition means they are willing to work for it. When in fact, the relationship between wanting something and the willingness to do what it takes to achieve it is not as direct as you may think. If it were, people wouldn’t have gym membership debits coming off their bank accounts more regularly than they go to the gym. We would not have people who paid, in full, for degrees only to drop out before the end of the first term, who’ve put more effort into their excuses than their studies.

More often than not, people who follow through on their wants are ones who’ve come to a point where they find their comfort zone uncomfortable.

 We often don’t stay in our comfort zone because it is ideal, we stay in it because it is protects us – from disappointment, failure, rejection, change…FEAR.

Here is a magic pill you can take, from Dr Huxtable…


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  1. For one and half years I was lying under that nail. I was hurting and unhappy. But I stayed…then it started hurting badly, I ended up in hospital, couldnt walk, bath, feed or dress myself. It took that scary experience for me to do something. Its been been 3 months since I made the decision to leave my comfort zone, the same one that was making me uncomfortable. Now Im happy and learning more about myself.

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