My Vow of Faithfulness to Myself

I invite you to serve as a witness to my vow of faithfulness to myself:

I, Kagiso Muntu Msimango,  vow to open up to life. I built walls to protect me, instead they imprisoned me. Now I bring them down. This is my pledge; to say “YES!” to life.

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I pledge to be gentle with myself. To love, accept and forgive myself, over and over again, all the days of my life. Akin to the beautiful lotus flower which grows out of mud, I vow to seek the gems in “bad” experiences, and thus free myself of regrets.

The allure of perfection shall not intimidate me or hinder my growth, since I vow to love myself with the same intensity through hits and misses

I vow to stop entertaining these 2 questions:

1. “What is wrong with me?”

2. “Who is going to save me?”

They lead me away from the truth. There is nothing wrong with me, there never was and never shall be, consequently I do not require a saviour. Henceforth, I promise to make choices that are reflective of this truth.

I vow to trust myself; to value my personal truth over the truth of others. I know better what is best for me. I pledge to appreciate my personal experience, valuing its lessons above the expectations and prescriptions of others

I vow to give my feelings and intuition the same credence I give my intellect: To honour the inherent validity of ALL my feelings. I give myself permission to base my decisions solely on how I feel.

With courage, I vow to feel ALL my feelings, not to block, minimise or attempt to hang on to those that have dissipated.

This promise I make to myself: to act courageously in expressing my truth, to myself and others.

I vow to accept my needs, wants, dreams and desires without judgment, whether I choose to pursue their fulfilment or not.

I vow to remain loyal to myself all the days of my life; to never choose the love, acceptance or approval of another over my own. I promise to never abandon or demote my relationship with myself for any other role.

I vow to recognise as a liar any voice, internal or external, that tells me that I am inferior to or superior to another.

I vow to never to ask another for that which I am not giving to myself. I take responsibility for meeting my own needs, even as I enlist the support and help of others and learn to achieve a balance between independence and interdependence

I vow to heal my relationship with my body. To remember that my body is much more than a set of measurements; it is a vital conduit for my physical experience, a guardian and a teacher. I vow to love and nurture my body, to befriend, honour and respect it and to listen to its wisdom all the days of my life.

I intend to remember that I am a creative being, who imagines her reality into being, and behave accordingly, giving my powers of co-creation the respect that they deserve. I will nurture and regularly express my creative impulses.

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I promise to embrace and celebrate my femininity. To be curious about its gifts. To explore feminine gentleness, creativity and intuition.  To love my woman body, it’s softness, curves and receptivity.

ALL IN ALL, I KAGISO, PLEDGE TO VALUE MYSELF; respecting my body, needs and desires and honouring my body, mind, emotions and spirit.

This is it.

This is my life.

Nothing to wait for,

Nowhere else to go,

No one to make it all different

This is it.

What a relief to have finally landed. Here…now.

Blessed, be my life.

And so it is.

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