Out with the Old, in with the New

Don’t you just love spring?
There is something about it that is simply irresistible. I think it is the newness; it evokes the optimist in us. It is so much easier to dream in spring, to entertain the possibility that your desires are attainable, to see yourself living your ideal life. In spring anything is possible.

You look around and Mother Nature is going through a process of regeneration; new flowers, budding leaves, buzzing bees, chirping birds and bounding puppies. It’s like one giant advert for a fresh start. If there was ever a season perfect for attracting your dreams and desires, this is it. However, before you rush of to turn your dreams into reality go I would like you to take a step back.

by joiseyshowaa from flickr
by joiseyshowaa from flickr

If you notice before spring comes winter, during which Mother Nature sheds the old before embracing the new. Trees lose their leaves in winter before sprouting new ones in spring. Many animals shed their winter coats at the beginning of spring. Life is cyclical and winter is when Mother Nature allows the old and outdated to die in order to make way for the new. We on the other hand tend to want to bypass winter. We are always trying to bring in more and more, while letting go of as little as possible. We try to bring in the new without letting go of the old. It is because we are afraid to let go, in case we are unable to replace what we are letting go of, in case we cannot do better than what we already have. Ironically, the reason we are unable to attract the new is because we don’t let go of the old. There is no room for it!

Nature abhors a vacuum, so nothing remains empty for long; however you first have to let go of the old in order for the new to enter. I do this willing every year at the end of Winter/beginning of Spring. I took a day’s leave last week Friday for this process. I went through documents, getting rid of those I no longer needed, like outdated insurance policies and old bills. I also went through my closets taking out clothes and shoes that either no longer fit my body or taste. These, I give to my grandmother for her church. I still need to go through a similar exercise with my phone, deleting inactive numbers. The idea is to create S P A C E and I promise you as soon as you rid your world of physical things you no longer need it becomes that much easier to rid your mind of thoughts that no longer serve you. It works every time, because it is law, Universal Law – As within, So without.

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  1. Yes babes. I started with the phone last week. and for me this process has been taking place for a while. Had a lot to get rid of this year…thoughts, attitudes, possesions, ideals…and create space. Its been tough, painful but oh so worth it. I am ready for the brand new era. Love you lots K. Have a blessed birthday 2morrow. Annicia

  2. This sooo interesting because I’m one of those people who will hang on to stuff for as long as possible.
    *** People’s phone numbers, I friends who change numbers atleast 3 times in a year but I never delete their old numbers “just incase” they use them again. I’ll have number saved as KG1, KG2, KG-current.
    ***My closet is totally full, yet I still feel like I don’t have clothes and I know it’s because most of the clothes are “old” clothes that I never wear, some from as far back as 2001 (yes I know I need help). Recently a friend of mine from PTA Tech visited me and was shocked to find that I still have pj’s from back then… she actually in my word “stole” them but in hers “rescued” them and have since cut them into pieces and threw them away. I’m kinda mad at her.
    ***Magazines…I cann’t let go of my old magazines. I feel there’s alway somekind of valuable information that I might read and still be meaningful even 10 years down the line.
    In conclusion I’ll say I’ll TRY to let go… I’ll dedicate this Saturday to clean out my closets…. I’M OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW…

  3. I might have got this way after it was posted but it just resonates with me. I can’t remember when in my long journey of life I actually stumbled on the concept of decluttering. Each time I feel stuck or overwhelmed I look around to see where the clutter is. It usually starts @ my wardrobe! Chuckling out those too small or faded items just brings a burst of freshness and renewed energy. So yes! Out with the old and in with the new!

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