Romancing the Goddess

I attended an interesting Women’s day celebration this afternoon, called Romancing the Goddess. It was quintessentially feminine in multiple quirky ways.

For starters it was held, not by design, in a Pink building called the Pink Church in Melville. It started over 30 minutes late, we finally walked in to find the chairs arranged in a spiral. It was the most unstructured function I have ever attended, it was perfect!

The Goddess Altar
The Goddess Altar

There were two facilitators Dr Suzan Hojdar and Kate Clement, two very attractive women who may or may not be physically beautiful. They emanated an amazing energy that made them extremely pleasing to watch and experience. There was also a guest speaker, Zanele Nkosi. The three ladies were just free flowing; I don’t know how else to describe it. They kept on interrupting each other and going off on all sorts of tangents. The lack of structure was unnerving. They spoke a little bit about a lot of things; the Goddess, goddess archetypes, feelings, feminine vs. masculine attributes, wisdom, strength and courage. It felt like meeting your girlfriends for coffee and rambling about whatever takes you fancy.

We ended the workshop(?), playshop feels like a better word, with about an hour biodanza, a form of chaotically structured dance. I really enjoyed it. My spirit and body are longing for more dancing. I may go for some biodanza classes in the near future. I also feel very attracted to a dance form calledFan Dancing that I saw on MTV of all places.

Today’s experience reminded me of the time a boyfriend and I got lost in Hartebeespoort and ended up stumbling upon the most beautiful tranquil spot with lush trees and a waterfall. It became our secret, sacred space and we returned there often.

This is the way of the feminine, it seems to lack structure and often you may think you are lost or going around in circles but if you surrender to the flow you always end up in a good place.

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