Make every day a red carpet day.

me in my skirt

Do you ever have those days where you pop in to the local supermarket in your saggy tracksuit and stretched T-shirt because there is no way you are going to bump into someone you know? And, sometimes you don’t bump into anyone, other times you bump into your ex and he is not fat and his new wife looks photoshopped. Then you think it wouldn’t have hurt to have taken an extra five minutes to get into a decent pair of jeans.

Considering that you don’t really like him, hence he is an ex, shouldn’t you care when you don’t look good for someone you actually like – say, you? This has several advantages:

  • It sends the right message to you about you.
  • If you always look good for you, you’ll always look good for everyone else.
  • When you look good, you feel good.

Take inspiration from my friend Lulu who says, “In my world, every day is a red carpet day.”

We use packaging to determine the value of things. If it comes in a pretty, fancy box we expect it to be far more valuable than if it comes in a plastic bag. We employ the same tactic to convey the significance of an object or experience. We’ll get made up and dressed up to go to a fancy awards ceremony, but not to the garage and we’ll use fine china to serve dinner to the future in-laws but not to the neighbourhood watch. Packaging cues, conveys and evokes the appropriate level of appreciation. The Oxford dictionary defines appreciation as recognition of the value or significance of something.

Do you package yourself as someone who appreciates herself?

For the rest of this month look good, the way you would for a new lover or a job interview. Dress to impress, except this time you will be looking good for yourself.

You will soon discover that when you look good you feel good.


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