Some Guys Are Worth The Time

They say men are from Mars, or is it Bars? Well sometimes you meet the best ones in a bar. Read about the great birthday advice Fumane received from a stranger.

supplied by Fumane

I met a man, a stranger, in a pub on a beautiful winter Saturday afternoon. First dude, in his fifties, asked me if he could sit next to me so we could share an ashtray I was using. “Sure,” I said simply because he looked like a chatty eccentric guy who may think differently. I went ahead to finish the newspaper article I was reading and he nonchalantly smoked his cigarette. I kept on thinking to myself – I am right, he is a genuine eccentric! It is unheard of in my circles for a guy to quietly have a fag without wanting to jabber about his important thoughts or to just spew verbal diarrhea thinking it is better than somebody else’s quiet read.

I was quite happy. I asked his name and he told me. I asked him his occupation and he told me – thespian, philosopher etc. I asked what advice he had for me since it was my birthday month and I was turning 36. He said that I have approximately 40 years “to play with”. To play with… mmhhm, what a nice idea because it does not have the drudgery of “living” – which sounds so much more serious and most times unpleasant considering that I spend a substantial amount of my time working and working and working.

I thought this guy is fun, so I bought him some Guinness and we just chatted up a storm and had a great laugh. Forty years to play with was a gem of an idea because whether we like it or not life does get bloody serious and if life gets very serious I always suspect there is a trap to hell somewhere. My words of advice, taken from my ephemeral friend, are think of life as time to play and perhaps the change in perspective may bring you different types of unexpected pleasure…

Enjoy your play time,

Fumane Diseko

Fumane is a lover of life, partying and studying who also loves being a mum and a wife.

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