Strut your stuff

I am about to brag. Yes, brag, boast, show-off, blow my own horn, sing my own praises.

I facilitated a workshop on the 1st called On Purpose: unlocking Pleasure and Passion through Purpose. My baby got her first flu the week before the workshop, resulting in sleepless nights for us both. On the day of the workshop I felt like death warmed up, but I received great feedback from the delegates. I would like to share this one in particular, as my brag.

On day 1 I came home feeling like my whole reason for being was within my grasp, ready to be accomplished. On day 2 I listed all the reasons it was of course ridiculous to think that I could ever do it. And then, on day 3, I opened my workbook- my BHAG- and looked inside for the first time since the course. Now every day I take one little exercise, one tiny step closer to living my purpose – and in so doing I am living my purpose. Just knowing your purpose IS living on purpose.

The weekend before the course I spent R979 on a pair of too small discount Apple Bottoms which would make me happy once it fit, then I spent R309 on groceries to cook a three course meal for my man so he can love me more. The money I spent on this course finding my purpose and ways to live it, is the only I’ve ever had to spend.”

Through my workshop, this is the gift I was able to give to someone.

I know you too have something worth bragging about, but I suspect that you were taught that it’s unbecoming. Many of us were socialised not to show-off, to down play our strengths and achievements, because nobody likes a show-off. Unfortunately, women especially, have taken this ‘humility’ to an unfortunate extreme. Not only do we downplay our strengths, gifts and achievements we actually draw attention to our weaknesses and misfortunes. We engage in wound bonding, comparing our woes and competing about our hardships; Who’s had the worst day, the most torturous labour, the worst relationship luck, the meanest boss, most stubborn cellulite, etc.

In my talks I emphasize the value of focusing on what you LIKE, in fact in the Joy and the Art of Divine Living course, we devote an entire section to the value of focusing on that which you already like about your life; because where thought goes energy flows, and where energy flows to stuff grows.

Now wound bonding is focusing on and hence growing what you do NOT want, bragging on the other hand is sending your energy to stuff you want to grow. Bragging is a turbo version of keeping a gratitude diary. Many self-development and life coaches encourage people to keep a gratitude diary, because it forces you to focus on what you already like about your life. Bragging is more powerful because you actually tell another what you like about your life and yourself. Many manifestation teachers will tell you that the spoken word is powerful, especially when it is witnessed.

by Jaroslaw Pocztarski
by Jaroslaw Pocztarski

The word brag has a negative connotation for many, so in my goddess gatherings we refer to these brag fests as strut sessions. It’s a more divalicious phrase, like a model catwalking in fabulous designer wear or a peacock displaying its beautiful feathers.

So gather some goddesses and have yourselves a divalicious strut session.

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