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"A healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself."

I really enjoy helping people through energy work, however I prefer to share knowledge that empowers people to ideally avoid, or resolve issues that often lead them to seek healing in the first place.

An online column I started in 2002, titled The School of Life, in which I shared the knowledge I acquired in my personal quest to resolve issues ranging from physical ailments to mental and emotional issues was the seed which birthed my personal development organisation – The Goddess Academy in 2006.

The purpose of the goddess academy was to impart knowledge that has the potential to move us from surviving or just doing okay at life to thriving. I have now evolved my teachings from the broad issues that were covered by The Goddess Academy into focusing primarily on two areas – Manifestation and Feminine Energy. My three books do a great job of addressing the fundamental teachings that were the focus on The Goddess Academy.


I run a year-long programme called the BHAD Conscious Co-creation Programme. BHAD stands for Big Hairy Audacious Desires. This programme teaches a formula for manifesting your desires, through;

Feminine Energy

There is a universal law that I wish was more popular than the Law of Attraction – the Law of Gender, sometimes referred to as the Universal Law of Creation.

In a nutshell, this law states that “Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles; Gender manifests on all planes”. It goes on to explain that both masculine and feminine energies are required for anything to come into existence, and more importantly a balance between the masculine and the feminine must be maintained to achieve wellbeing. Basically, this law states that all dis-ease is a result of an imbalance between masculine and feminine energies.

It is obvious enough that our world is currently out of balance and, I like many others, believe that there is an over-expression of masculine energy, by both men and women in our society.

We need to embody more feminine energy to restore wellbeing not only in our personal lives, but in the collective. It is hard to do so when we have no understanding and appreciation of feminine energy – which has nothing to do with make-up application tips, or turning our backs on careers.

I offer a course called The Awakening Women Path, an ongoing education in living from feminine consciousness, which is why it’s called a path not a programme. It instils an understanding and appreciation of feminine energy, and supports this with practices to help you embody it. Walking this path will give you a thorough understanding of Universal Laws, particularly the Law of Gender, knowledge on the difference between Feminine and Masculine Traits, and where they fit into your life as a conscious creator, and an understanding, appreciation and knowledge of how to embody all feminine archetypes to unlock your feminine power and create wellbeing in your life and world.


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