The 3P’s of Oy-Ling’s Divalicious Life

The Divalicious Life of Oy-Ling!

Miss ‘Oh’. Oy-Ling’s burlesque dancing alter ego

These things give me PLEASURE, and they are Free!

  • Dancing, anyhow…anywhere. It’s free and…damn….it makes me feel free!
  • Creating things from what I have lying around the house. From fascinators and clips to nipple pasties!
  • Recycling. I find things I can use as art projects….as well as do my bit for the earth. Now, that gives me pleasure!
  • Couch Surfing. A good friend introduced me to this. It is a site that brings kind strangers together to help people find free accomodation around the globe. It is safe and requires you to have a few references before you are officially a member. There is absolutely no catch. Their motto is to Teach, Learn, Share. The motto is a motto for everyone that is a part of the couch surfing community. The concept always blows me away, just to know that there are some truly amazing people on this earth.
  • And of course, spending quality time with friends and family. Teach, Learn, Share and Love….

I am PASSIONATE about...
Burlesque performance and saving the world. Maybe I can save the world through it?
I love the idea of liberation, let’s go one further. I love the idea of female sexual liberation, it’s beauty and how it makes me feel. All about the performance and the tease. Knowing your alter ego is in control of your audience (or your man or woman), making them laugh and cheer…by being silly or sexy.
I’m passionate about teaching others to be comfortable and at ease with their beautiful bodies.

(Note from Kagiso: I have been harassing Oy-Ling to start giving burlesque dancing classes. What better way for us to get in touch with another aspect of our divalicious goddess self. Join her FB fan page and help me harass her!)

My purpose is…

I had to think of my “Current Mission” for Couch Surfing… and it is: “World Domination. To positively influence, inspire and convince the world that each and every one of us has a superpower!”

I think that the ‘super power’ is our passion. We just have to find what makes us truly happy, learn about it and work at it every day. I find that you may think that you’ve lost your passion, but if you don’t practice and keep that spark alive, it gets put to the back of your mind. Reach in and bring that inner passion to life and share it!

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