The 3Ps of Theresa’s Divalicious Life: Not Quite Mother Theresa

The pleasures, passions and purpose which make Theresa’s life divalicious…

Stole this from her Facebook page!

These things give me PLEASURE

  • Unconditional love of my animals
  • Watching my child try his damndest at school, even if he doesn’t quite get there
  • Luxury of staying warm and cosy under the duvet until late on a Sunday morning
  • Listening to a radio station that plays music I like
  • Finding a convenient parking space in a crowded shopping mall without trying
  • Spending time with my friends talking about nothing in particular over a bottle of wine
  • Being needed…(sounds cheesy but there you have it)!

I am PASSIONATE about…

  • Generating and developing a new project that will make life easier for others or at least create value for them
  • I am passionate about celebrating people who go the extra mile without looking for accolades or rewards
  • Most of all, I am passionate about attempting to interact with people in such a way that they feel better off than before their engagement with me!


Trying to determine your purpose in life is fundamental to who you are.

It may sound somewhat sanguine but my purpose is most definitely to ensure that I give of my best in all interactions with people. To try and understand what makes them who they are… and more importantly to listen and never to judge.

My purpose overall is to be the person that someone would feel comfortable having on their side in any situation. While I may never be “Mother Theresa” I can only strive to achieve some of the principles that ensure that the least that you do is to find the good in any situation.

(*You may now stick your fingers down your throat and vomit…. But there you have it!)

Note from Kagiso: I am very fortunate to know Theresa personally. When you are in her presence you feel seen and acknowledged, which is probably exactly how people felt about Mother Theresa, but this Theresa is the one to have when you are having more than one! She is a true pleasure revolutionary with a heart of pure gold.

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