The Hard Work

Imagine making love while wearing a full body latex suit.


It would be challenging, yes?

Thanks to social media, I get to  communicate with lots of people who are reading my latest book, The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp: Awesome Relationships are an Inside Job. Many are complaints that the exercises early on in the book are too hard.

The first few exercises in the book focus on:

Session 1 –  identifying the limiting beliefs you may have around love, men and relationships.

Session 2 – feeling those buried feelings like hurt, anger, shame and frustration that you’d much rather pretend aren’t there. By the way, time doesn’t heal all wounds, it merely allows you to forget where you’ve buried them all.

Session 3 – making peace with your “failed” relationships and learning from your mistakes

Session 4 – forgiving all the people who’ve hurt you in relationships, including yourself.

If you think about it, the conclusions we’ve drawn about love, men and relationships, the hurt feelings which led to us drawing these conclusions, the experiences which led to the hurt feelings and the inability to forgive and move-on from these experiences are what saps our MOJO, making it near impossible for us to attract and maintain happy, healthy relationships.

We have so much amour around us, even when we do have an opportunity to connect emotionally with another it’s like attempting to making love in a latex suit.


We may cut a few holes in our metaphoric latex suit to facilitate the connection, but it will alway leaves us wanting because the joining that is possible is very little and deep down we don’t want the minimum connection possible, we crave the maximum intimacy.

You can join Tinder, and you should. You can learn how to flirt. You can wear a red dress that clinches your waist and shows your legs from just above the knee (this does make you more attractive to men, by the way), and these surface tactics are adequate if all you want is a date to your cousin’s wedding, to get all those annoying grannies of your back. However, if what you truly desire is a fulfilling, long-term, relationship all these tactics are like re-arranging the deck chairs while the Titanic sinks.

So put on you big girl panties and do the uncomfortable work, because you are worthy of an awesome relationship.

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