The man your man could smell like.

I LOVE this Old Spice ad. I am curious to see how it affects sales. Will men buy it for themselves or will their women buy it for them?

I was amazed how AXE sales rocketed when they positioned it as a babe-magnet. How gullible are people? Or maybe men are just an optimistic bunch, who hope body spray will get them laid.

I can’t wait to see if women fall for this, diamonds, abs, a yacht and a white steed…they did forget to throw in golden lab puppies, though.


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  1. I’d like to buy the product to support the brilliant mind that thought up the ad…. kinda like I support Nando’s….. tee hee. Unfortunately I can’t think of who to give the ol’ spice to…so maybe I’ll just keep it and shine the bottle for this wonderful man to magically appear in the form of a genie!

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