The time to reclaim your feminine magic is now

RECLAIMING YOUR FEMININE MAGIC is the theme of this year’s Annual Unfuck Yourself Retreat.

It's time to remember who you are, and the magic you hold within you.-2

Our innate human need for freedom, is one of the reasons we resist our femininity.

Femininity is multifaceted. There are myriad ways to express feminine attributes. There are many, varied, feminine archetypes – from the fierceness of Kali, to the motherly devotion of the Virgin Mary, to the sensuality of Oshun. Patriarchy prefers some of these expressions over others. So we have been given a very narrow definition of what it is to be a woman, what is the “right” way to be feminine. Only a limited range of feminine attributes are sanctioned, with feminine roles being confined to little more than sex, child bearing, child rearing and care giving. This definition is too narrow for most of us, so we have rejected femininity instead of rejecting the patriarchal definition.

Unfortunately, in this rejection, we deprive ourselves of our immense and multifaceted feminine power.

This retreat is dedicated to learning about and reclaiming different feminine archetypes and the powers they enable us to access.

During this 3 nights away retreat in Muldersdrift, comprising of two full days and two half days from 2pm on Friday 21st of September to 1pm on Monday 24th of September

We will work through all limiting beliefs and fears around being a woman and more specifically being a feminine woman. We use various tools to release these limiting beliefs, painful experiences and the shame and guilt they breed. We will learn about various facets of feminine expression and how to harness their power. We will conduct ceremonies to release shame and guilt and to reclaim ourselves. We will laugh, we will probably cry, we will hike, swim, dance, drum and do yoga. We are also going to participate in a womb healing rite to rid ourselves and the women in our lineage of trauma lodged in our wombs – our feminine centre.

Click here for the full agenda, to learn about the speakers and facilitators and of course, to secure your space.


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  1. Leandré Theys

    HI Kagiso

    I would really love to interview you for a piece I’m writing for The Vinazine.

    Please let me know if you are interested and if we can have a quick chat just to give you an idea of what it is about.

    Thank you for your amazing work and your dedication to womanhood.

    My best,


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