Upgrade to Goddess Status

Sprinting a mile in under 4 minutes was considered impossible, until Roger Bannister did it on May 6th 1954. Within 3 years, sixteen other people had achieved the ‘impossible’, too. This is the power of having someone to inspire you.

Usually, the influence of role models is clearer when it’s negative; such as when boys lacking positive role models aspire to thuggery or black girls, short girls and plump girls try to metamorphose into thin, tall blondes thanks to too many Barbie-like images and not enough that look like them. Imagine the impact of the lack of a God in your image. Yes, a female God. All the major religions portray God as male. I remember the God in my “First Book of Bible Stories” was a portly, bearded old white man.

Many millennia ago God was perceived as both male and female, Mother/Father God. Mother Goddess is found in many ancient cultures; Greek, Roman, Tibetan, Hindu, Yoruban, Babylonian, Egyptian and more. Only in the past few millennia did God become a guy, when the suppression, oppression and devaluation of the feminine began. I am referring to more than the oppression of women; this is the oppression of the feminine spirit in both men and women, by both genders! For example, when a woman is likened to a boy/man it is perceived as complimentary, but when a man is likened to a girl/woman it is usually intended as an insult. Take a walk through a bookstore and notice the sheer volume of books teaching women how to manage, date, or think like men. You will struggle to find 20 books teaching men to do anything like women.

Centuries of oppression caused many Africans to develop a ‘white is right’ mentality. It was recognised that to heal this psychological oppression they needed to not only recognise this thinking within themselves, but also to actively cultivate black pride. Feminine oppression has existed even longer than racial oppression. Men and women alike suffer from a ‘male is right’ mentality. Similarly, to free ourselves we need to actively and consciously cultivate feminine pride.

To make it in a man’s world women have had to carry a lot of masculine energy. As a result, many modern women have a stronger relationship with their masculinity than their femininity.

A healthily being, relationship, life, world…requires balanced masculine and feminine energies. Chinese Yin-Yang philosophy teaches that opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent; hot-cold, night-day, wet-dry, active-passive, thinking-feeling, giving-receiving, male-female.

from flickr
from flickr

The fruits of our untempered expression of masculine energy are everywhere. The ever widening gap between rich and poor, the wars and terror attacks as people react to perceived losses at someone else’s gain, humankind thriving at the expense of the environment, wildlife and natural resources. Feminine traits such as cooperation, nurturing and compassion are crucial to bring about balance. The world is suffering from a masculine-feminine imbalance, but we, women, suffer more because naturally we are meant to carry more feminine energy. Functioning as we do now, is akin to going through life with one hand tied behind your back. We cannot access our full potential without embracing and honouring the feminine. To borrow Nicole Graham’s analogy, “Butterflies…evolve from a caterpillar into a beautiful, wondrous being, much like a woman finding her inner goddess; her personal power.”

Why be a second-rate man when you can be a goddess?

It’s time to release the goddess within and restore the goddess without. Say it loud; I AM GODDESS!

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    1. I now i can achieve liberation and be a contributing force female progression. Im so in need of true guidence.
      All my heart and love.

  1. Still struggling with this however i believe deep within me lies one beautiful Goddess that i must just learning to bring out and embrace.

  2. I have never been so exposed to such this much depth of insightful knowlege and empowering information. It is indeed life changing.
    #power to this woman May God bless u abundatly
    Please consider hosting some of your workshops to Mpumalanga Province we need this.

    1. Oh dear Charlotte.
      My headaches just thinking about having a gig in Pretoria, let alone Mpumalanga. I do have goddess gatherings, where you organise the girls, etc and I just come through. I may drive to Mpumalanga for one of those.

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