A few words about

What I Do

Re-cell Your Power


The work I do is exceptionally personal. It involves things, people hold dear to their hearts.


My healing practice, teaching and coaching are inextricably linked because my aim is to support your ability to heal yourself. Often when people initially seek out healing support of any sort – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, vocational, relational…, it is due to an urgent crisis or intolerable pain.


I really enjoy helping people through energy work, however I prefer to share knowledge that empowers people to ideally avoid, or resolve the issue that often lead them to seek healing in the first place.

INTUITIVE Transformation COACH

Although I am a certified transformation coach, meaning that I received an education, got tested and certified as worthy to guide people through their life challenges, my success as a transformation coach is not only a result of this sound education and experience, but in large part due to my clairsenses.