What is Love?

It is a blessing to have people in your life who inspire you. Who make you believe that you can be more. Who make you want to be more. Bonnke Shipalana is one such person, and I love that he accepted the invitation to share his magic with the Goddess community. He is a brave soul who is prepared to tackle a big question: “What is Love?”

I have always dreamt of the day lack would cease to exist in our life.  In that moment I will become master of wealth instead of a slave to poverty.   As an aspiring entrepreneur, I always believed that one of these days I will have an “Eureka!” moment where one idea will turn me into a multi billionaire.

One idea that I have been flirting with since my youth is the desire to answer that one elusive question – What is love?  I imagined that if I could write a book elaborating on what love is, wealth will chase after me.  Come on, who in this world would not like to be spared the lonely nights, heartbreaks or worse, a divorce.

In my quest to learn more about love, I asked my grandfather what love is, and his reply was; “love is reciprocal”.  In my early years, I assumed that my grandfather referred to give-and-take/mutual/shared type of love.  I assumed that he meant that by loving others I will also receive the same (if not higher) share of love.  How wrong was I?  I am sure that we all have stories of people that we gave all our pure heart to, but only to have our heart pressed down in muddy water.

Finally (many years later) when my daughter was born, I experienced what my grandfather meant when he said “Love is reciprocal”.

Who am I?

I am comprised of bones, organs, and rivers of fluids that are encapsulated by a huge sheet of skin molded to hold me together.  There is definitely a distinctive quality of beingness that is “me” and lay all of me still-functioning physical components on a blanket, there would be no me (from a book titled Change your thoughts change your life).  So really, who am I?  How will people love me if I have not yet defined the parts that hold me together?

I quickly realised that all my actions when combined define who Bonnke is.  When digging deeper I soon realised that my actions are the results of my thoughts, and my thoughts are motivated or directed by my attitude.  It became obvious that my attitude is the true reflection of who Bonnke is.  Regardless of people’s perception of who I am or what I am supposed to be, I should focus on understanding and building up my attitude – my state of mind.

What factors play a role is setting up my attitude, my state of my mind? For those who live by sight, their answer will focus on what they see or have experienced.  They will tell you that their background had a role in setting up their attitude.  Some will tell you that apartheid had a role in setting up their attitude.  But again, I differ with such thinking because I do not live by sight, but I live by vision. I can confidently say that my state of mind (attitude) was programmed the day I was handed a unique yet valuable personal purpose.  The day God realised that in the 21st century, there will be a great need to grow spiritual leaders.  There will be a need for people to realise that in them is unlimited and untapped potential.  There will be a deep desire in each person to fully know, understand and believe the reason why they are on earth.

On that day, God said “Let Us [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness, and let him launch a business called Power of 1.  Through this business, I will guide my people back to their promised land.  This is a land which I personally prepared for them, a land that is flowing with milk and honey.” Right there God began forming my mind. He looked in the future to see what experiences I would need in order to be an instrument to his goal.  His knowledge of the beginning from the end, allowed him to set a state of mind that is capable of handling anything that this world might throw at me, in an attempt to distract me from achieving God’s goal.

In the last 2 and half years since my daughter was born, I realised that she does not desire to spend time with an inspirational speaker or CEO at home.  All she requires from me is to be a loving father; a role even thought titled is unique for each family.  I had to discover the type of father that I needed to be in order to match her personality and character.  I quickly realised that the same applies in my journey to inspire people.

It became clear to me that as I continued on this journey of inspiring future leaders, the love I received from people increased.  It seemed like there was a spiritual connection between me loving God (doing what he asked me to do) and people loving me.  After learning this life-term lesson, I decided to focus on myself.  I stubbornly became focused on working hard in what I have now defined as my “calling”.

Do you lack love in your life? Do you feel like people undermine who and what you stand for? My advice today is to forget people. Forget about impressing and working hard for love.  Today, decided to focus on yourself, meaning that you should take time to understand why you are on earth.  The answer to such question, will lead you to a classroom that is specially prepared for you.  It’s only in your purpose where you can find your state of mind.


About Bonnke Shipalana

Since the age of 19, Bonnke has been challenging youth from all walks of life to seek and understand their God birthed purpose. He is the Founder of Power of 1 and CEO of The Communications Firm (Creative Communication Agency), based in Johannesburg. Bonnke is married to Vika Shipalana, and in 2008 the couple were blessed with a baby girl, Ntsako.   His work on SABC 1 and Capricorn FM is supported by weekly article on www.bonnke.co.za.

Bonnke can be contacted at powerof1@bonnke.co.za or twitter account (@DrBonnke)

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