What Makes For A Real Woman?

What does a real woman do?


A lot of conversations, debates and arguments are had about what makes a real man. In South Africa most of these conversations are sadly fueled by the frightening rate and level of violence against women, and to some extent the depressing hordes of males who think raising their offspring is optional.

Being male does not make a man, we all seem to agree. It appears that being a man, at least a “real man” is a verb. It is about what you do – protecting, providing, and so forth.

A conversation that is seldom had is about the real man’s, complement. If a guy works hard to be a “real man”, surely it’s only fair for his partner to do her bit to be a “real woman”.

Does a King not deserve a Queen?

The reason the image above caught my attention is because “real woman” is not a phrase I encounter often. ┬áThis is not a conversation that is had with even a fraction of regularity or passion with which we have the real man debate. Perhaps unlike adult males who we agree are not always men, all women are created equally. There are only Queens, no chambermaids. Perhaps real women are born not made

(real women have curves?)

nullifying any conversation on what one needs to do in order to become a real woman.

Or is it about what you do, as the image above implies?

I AM VERY INTERESTED IN YOUR OPINION, please share it ahead of National Woman’s Month.


I’ve spent the last few years seeking to learn the differences between men and women, and their respective roles especially in relationships and the manifestation of desires. I enjoy sharing this information. In fact, this is one of my most popular talks. If you are interested in this subject give me a shout.

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  1. A real woman is the one most men do not want. Most men feel threatened by her work.she does her roles single handed and does not tire.she helps other women improve their lives, careers and to feel good about themselves. she is a mother,sister,a mentor ,an advisor and a lover.

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