What makes Thando’s life divalicious

Things that give me PLEASURE (for free!):

  1. Singing at the top of my voice
  2. Reading a great book in bed
  3. Cooking up an inspired meal
  4. Hanging out with my family
  5. Hanging out with my friends
  6. Running on the road


All of the above. A sense of purpose. When I know what I have to do to get what I want I feel energised!


My purpose is probably against the rules because it is so simple. My purpose is to be happy (Is this allowed?). I feel like it should be more elaborate but tis is what rings true for me right now, it’s been an interesting year. My purpose is to fill my life with what brings me joy and lightness of spirit.

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  1. There is absolutely nothing with her purpose. Living every moment/day/week in joy should be everyone’s goal I think, because it forces you to engage with life and not just go through the motions. It’s a struggle sometimes because old habits take time to eradicate, but the rewards are so worth it.

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