Why I wish The Secret was still a secret

In the late 1600s, Isaac Newton observed an apple fall from a tree, and got to wonder about why things fell down, never up. This led him to study the phenomenon he named the Law of Universal Gravitation or Gravity. Newton didn’t invent gravity; things had been falling down for ages. He noticed, studied, labeled and publicised the Law of Gravity but he did not cause things to start falling down, instead of rising up. The same applies to The Secret and the Law of Attraction (LOA). The LOA has been in existence for eons, long before The Secret or even other LOA classics such Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

I encounter many people who, having seen or read The Secret, have erroneously concluded that all they need to do to manifest their dreams into reality, is visualise them. Just visualising the things they want (previously known as day dreaming or fantasizing) was not enough before The Secret, so why would it be enough now? After all, the LOA existed before The Secret.

I subscribe fully to the LOA. I believe that your thoughts do create your reality. I also believe that a big part of the manifestation process is ACTION.

Your thoughts create your emotions. Jane and Thembi are at a Coffee Shop together waiting to meet up with a friend, Zai. They both receive an SMS from Zai, who is often tardy, saying she is stuck in traffic and will be half an hour late. Jane then thinks, “Zai always underestimates the traffic and ends up being late for everything. She just can’t seem to adjust to the heavy, big city traffic”. Thembi on the other hand thinks, “Zai is always late. She seems to think her time is more valuable than ours. I am sick and tired of always waiting for her. I bet she is more than 30 minutes away.” This train of thought leads to Thembi feeling angry, irritable and indignant while Jane feels sympathy for Zai and mild amusement.

The emotions you feel, in response to the thoughts you have, determine how you will act and thus the reality you experience. Jane and Thembi’s emotions are likely to produce two very different (re)actions. Jane chooses to use the 30 minute wait to catch up on her emails. As a result when she gets home after the meeting she has more time for play, because she has already attended to the work, her inbox. Thembi, decides to vent her anger by refusing to wait for Zai. She storms off and ends up stuck in the very traffic that delayed Zai, causing her even more irritation.

These two started with the same incident but ended up with two very different experiences, because they took different actions, in response to different emotions, based on different thoughts about the same thing.

This is primarily how we create our reality with our thoughts; we do it through our actions. Actions are the bridge between the inner world of thoughts and emotions and outer world of experienced reality. Passive daydreaming about your dreams will get you the exactly where it got you before The Secret, nowhere.


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