Your Pleasure is Your Responsibility

A goddess leads a life filled with Pleasure, Passion and Purpose. Some women, once they decide to choose the divalicious life of a goddess, unwittingly turn into something akin to a petulant toddler. They bitch and moan whenever they “have” to do something they don’t consider pleasurable, such as attending that family gathering with the annoying cousin and forgetful uncle who tells the same story all the time or going to that all day strategy session which really means being cooped up in a boardroom all day stuffing your face with mints in an attempt not to fall asleep.

If you are serious about leading a life of pleasure it is important to realise that your pleasure is your responsibility. Choosing responsibility is extremely rewarding, and the clue to its gift is hidden in the very word: RESPONSIBILITY = ABILITY TO RESPOND.You cannot have power over any situation without taking responsibility for it, which means you can only change the things for which you take responsibility. For instance, once you take responsibility for your pleasure you can turn that dreary full-day workshop into a fun experience by playing a game of boardroom bingo! (If any of my bosses are reading this, I don’t play boardroom bingo during workshops) Or, like many, you can opt for the adult version of the spoiled little grubby brat who goes up his mother and declares “I’m bored!”, then proceeds to spend the rest of the day sulking if mom is too busy to take him to the mall. You chose.

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